The IAP2 Way – Looking to the future and building on the past

This consultation has closed. Feedback has been collated and analysed for consideration by regional Boards.


As the new IAP2 global curriculum is being developed, we invited you to give feedback on the core models that make up "The IAP2 Way”.

Defining these guiding principles is critical for the development of the harmonized training to “build on the best of the past and grow for the future of the practice”.

We presented 13 courses to support the professional development of the practice. All materials are part of our principle of “building on the best of the past”.

“The IAP2 Way” refers to the models, definitions and approaches that underpin these courses and makes us who we are.

We created some materials support the conversation about the guiding principles that should underpin the content for our new global IAP2 curriculum. You can still access these here if you would like to read and listen to background information about the current models and principles of IAP2, especially the models that you might not already be familiar with.

At a recent series of focus groups we guided participants through the following topics with the following aims:

  • Honour and acknowledge all of the core models that form the essence of "The IAP2 Way” to date;
  • Engage in a collaborative conversation to identify the challenges or tensions that may exist between these models; and
  • Gather insights and ideas about growing for the future of the practice, identifying the essence of "The IAP2 Way" to move us forward in global curriculum development.

Please click here to view the pdf version of the presentation used in the Focus Groups.

Stakeholder engagement for the IAP2 Way has now closed. Feedback has been collated and analysed for consideration by regional Boards.

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